A Review and a Farewell to 2012!

Well hello there friends!  Happy New Year’s Eve!

I seem to have taken an impromptu week off from blogging.  Between hosting Christmas Day, the kids off from school and the general mayhem of the holidays it’s been a whirlwind and I can’t believe the year is actually coming to a close – can you?

Do you set yearly goals and if so, how’d you do with your list?  I laid down a few house goals right here last January, and out of those six I have accomplished a total of ONE!  (DIY roman shades which I haven’t even blogged about yet!) 

Yep – I’d say the 2012 goal list was a bit of a FAIL – but hey!  Even though I didn’t get to most of the lofty projects I had hoped to this year, I hope my complete and utter non performance makes you feel better about the things YOU didn’t get to this year!!

In case you missed any, here are a few of the mind-blowing, earth shattering projects covered this year on SYL.

1/Hannah’s closet makeover
2/finished basement, aka “the sea of beige”
3/makeover of kitchen table and chairs
4/stenciled drop cloth curtains
5/unconventional drapery hardware
6/exterior improvements and musings for adding curb appeal
7/DIY Ballard-inspired shelves
8/painting tile
9/mirror makover with a lil’ bling

10/a fixed up master bathroom
11/latitude-longitude sign
12/Rub ‘n Buff gallery of ideas
13/shells fit for a mermaid
14/DIY map serving tray
15/fancy schmancy chalkboard lettering
16/host  chairs for the dining room
17/hanging heavy art
18/unsticking photos from picture frame glass

19/are you staring at my chest? (aka how to get stains out of clothes)
20/cleaning silver the lazy way
21/vintage menus
22/setting a stepping stone path
23/spray painted door hardware
24/the easy way to change the color of door hinges
25/tracing paper and tissue paper wrapped canvases
26/temporary tiered dessert stands
27/DIY docking station from a wine box

And of course, I can’t end this year – on a Monday no less – without rounding up some of the yummiest recipes from 2012.

1/pineapple infused vodka (stoli dolis)
2/microwavable brownie in a mug 
3/chocolate chip banana cake
4/low fat chocolate spoon cake
5/good old fashioned lasagna
6/puppy chow (aka Texas Trash)
7/blueberry lemon cake
8/linzer cookies
9/fiery chili
10/hot fudge sauce (and homemade ice cream)
11/white sangria
12/minestrone soup
13/blonde brownies
14/blueberry muffies
15/strawberry napoleans
16/fried mozzarella
17/orzo salad
18/sausage and onion risotto

Mangia Mondays will return next week!

Thanks for hanging with me here this year – I appreciate you so very much!  Wishing each and every one of you a safe and fun New Year’s Eve, and a wonderful, healthy, funny, joy-filled, beauty-full year ahead!