Pinecone Place Card Holders

Hi friends!  With the big day o’ thanks right around the corner, I thought I’d pop in today with the easiest craft EVER for your Thanksgiving table….even easier than my most-viewed post Craft For The Uncrafty!!

I LOVE to set out placecards for big dinners.  I don’t care at all where anyone sits, or who they sit next to, but I think a placecard makes the guest feel special.  When my kids were little I would keep them busy while I cooked by having them sit at the counter and make placecards.  You might remember their turkey placecards from last year….so cute.

I’m a big fan of tablescapes that don’t need to be deconstructed when the food arrives to the table and try to keep this in mind when setting out place cards and making a centerpiece.  There is nothing worse than having to remove your beautiful floral arrangement because it’s so tall that no one can see each other!

This year I will be using a lot of natural elements on my table, inspired by these beautiful tables:


This is self-explanatory but I’ll make it super easy on you with a brief tutorial :)

Gather pinecones from your yard (or gather from a craft store if you don’t have a yard!)

Cut up card stock into placecards – mine are about 2″x3″.  

Slather a bit of sparkly glitter paint across the top of the placecards with a paintbrush (or dip the edge in glue and glitter).

Write the names of your guests on the placecard, leaving a 1/4″ space at the bottom.

Rest a pinecone on your worksurface and find where it naturally sits.  With scissors, snip a slit into two or three of a pinecone’s scales and rest the placecard in it.

And there you have it… cards kicked up a notch for a special Thanksgiving meal.

I’m working on Pam’s idea to make my table bigger this weekend, and hopefully I’ll have a pretty tablescape to share with you next week, complete with place cards!

Happy weekend friends!  Hope you are up to something wonderful!