Host A Wreath Decorating Party

The other night I went to a wreath decorating get-together orchestrated by some of the moms at my son’s new school.  The kids that go to his school are from all over Boston, so it was really nice to meet some of these ladies, seeing as Peter spends a big portion of his life with their boys.

I didn’t take any pictures at the event {I’m the newbie and I thought it might be kind of weird if I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of the supplies!!} but basically the hostess bought the wreaths and assigned everyone certain items to bring.

There was a large area in her home devoted to the supplies.  Several glue guns were plugged in and awaiting us on covered tables and the crafty and uncrafty alike glued and wired all sorts of fabulously sparkly things onto our wreaths.  Everyone helped each other while we enjoyed light appies and sweets, a glass of vino and a few laughs.

It was interesting to see how different each wreath came out!

These days I find myself drawn to natural elements and so the wreath I made is quite amusing to me.    I was looking to do just a bunch of ribbon cascading down from the bottom of my wreath, but ended up coming home with this very blinged out little number (with a couple of my rub-n-buffed shells hanging on there for dear life – I just can’t quit them!!)

What can I say, I got caught up in gluing sparkly things onto my wreath.  Actually, I glued, and then ripped off, glued and ripped off – as usual I am much better at helping other people with their color schemes and designs than I am with my own.   And despite all the bling on my wreath, I think mine was the least decked-out.  I wanted my little Rudolph to be the star of the show – what do you think?  Does he say – fun and whimsical, or who’s the crazy lady???

The wreath decorating event was tons of fun and would be a great evening to organize for your neighborhood, or a girls night in with your friends before the craziness of the season hits us all.

Here are some ideas for hosting your own party:

  • Pick up plain wreaths wherever you can find them the cheapest.
  • Assign the participants an item to bring.  You might choose to have each person bring supplies in an assigned color, or a specific item like ball ornaments or ribbon.  Any unopened ribbon or decor can be returned after the party.
  • Ask your guests to bring a glue gun and glue sticks if they have them; if you have a big crowd a couple power strips wouldn’t hurt either.
  • Spray-on snow was a big hit at the party I was at.
  • Keep food light.  Nuts – chocolate covered pretzels – veggies and dip are fine for an event like this.  Don’t forget the bevvies.
  • Your house is going to get messy!  If this stresses you out, you may want to host this event outside or in the garage.
Such a fun idea – I wish I had thought to do this with my girlfriends years ago!

There’s nothing like a little sparkle and the smell of evergreens to get in the holiday spirit!