A Dog Bed For Bruschi

Is that a Halloween monster at my front door last eve???
No, it’s just this crazy mutt that likes to do werewolf impersonations.

A while back I posted some cute dog bed covers since this furball’s bed was badly in need of replacing.

This fall, I signed myself up for a sewing class with visions of amping up my sewing skills, starting with a doggy duvet, and then moving on to things like pillows and curtains.  I have some basic sewing skills but haven’t exercised them in years, and really need a refresher (like, how do I thread the bobbin again???).  But oh so sadly, my class was cancelled since I was the only soul to sign up (yep, I’m a dork).  I will eventually cross “sewing class” off my bucket list, but in the meantime, our Saint Bernard Bruschi has been bed-less for months on end, waiting for Mama to make him something snazzy.

Why a dog bed is necessary for us:

1) For the sake of our guests.  Bruschi’s size and friendliness alarm many a guest when he rushes to greet them at the front door.  I need a place to send Bruschi when guests come over so he doesn’t freak out our friends and family when they enter our house!
2) For Bruschi’s mental comfort.  Obviously this dog has a massive fur coat, so I’m not worried about his warmth, but he is a nervous dog, and when a lot of people are in the house or the kids are being wild and crazy, he follows me everywhere I go and tries to hide behind me.  We tell him to go lay on his bed and we really think being in his own little spot calms him down (and gives me a little sanity).

Since he’s a big boy, his bed needs a little room, so the “eat-in” part of our kitchen has become Bruschi’s spot.  We’ve always used LL Bean dog beds for Bruschi and find them to be extremely durable (I vacuum the dog bed every day when I do the floors, and wash the cover and insert about once a week).  However, considering that this big ol’ bed is smack dab in the middle of our house, I decided Bruschi’s next bed had to be comfy and cute.  While this pup is cute, the bed is not so cute.

Finally Bruschi has a place to rest his big noggin again, and our kitchen has some cute fabric.
Bru loves his new bed!

 It’s such a cozy spot right by the slider.

I bought the duvets from Molly Mutt, and I’m not affiliated with this company at all, but love this company’s dog bed concept and wanted to share it with you dog-lovers.

Lots of my kids’ old clothes are not in decent enough shape to give to friends or donate, and using them for a dog bed is a great way to recycle them rather than just throw them out.  Same idea with the old pillows that are no longer very comfy to sleep on….I just hate to throw them into the trash and would so much rather put them to good use in some way!!  Plus, the dog bed covers are really well constructed and seem as durable as the LLBean ones.

For the price of an LLBean bed (the cover and insert), I bought two dog bed covers and a mesh bag that can be stuffed with old clothes or pillows, from Molly Mutt.  I had saved three king size pillows to make a dog bed out of, and they worked perfectly to stuff Bruschi’s new duvet.  They are easy to throw in the wash too, which is essential for me.

I opted to get a package of two duvets and a stuff sack, so I can change out the cover once in a while.  I chose the green one and let the kids choose the second one:

Both will bring a little fun to that spot in the kitchen and I think they work well with the gallery wall.  
{I’m thinking about extending the photos all the way down the heater seeing as our table is no longer there.  What do you think?  I’m in love with floor-to-ceiling gallery walls.}

Bruschi says, “Are we done with the photo shoot Mom?  I’ve gotta catch some zzzzzzzzzs.”

Time to go raid the kids’ candy….can you believe it’s November First???