Front Door Beauties

Project Curb Appeal is slowly getting accomplished.  While we opted to have our deck repaired rather than replaced, there turned out to be so much rot that in the end we are wondering if it would have been easier and less expensive to knock the whole thing down and start over!  
But….I’ve been staining it all week and once again, I just can’t believe the power of paint and a little elbow grease! (I am not exaggerating when I tell you I’m about 11 hours into the staining process and have another day ahead of me!  This girl needs a SERIOUS manicure.)
Now that the deck is almost done, and I’ve knocked out a couple other exterior projects I’ll share with you next week, it’s time to turn our attention to the front door.  
As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, we have big plans to redo our front steps and add a portico in the future, but the whole front door unit needs replacing asap.  In particular the screen/storm door is all busted up, can’t close all the way and needs to come off before a winter wind takes it off it’s hinges and hurtles it towards the neighbor’s house.
This project is Mark’s baby so I’m ultimately letting him choose, but I’ve narrowed down the endless options for him, after two years of studying door styles and what would work well with our house (we’re looking for a single door with sidelights.)  PS – wow!!! – doors are an investment!  Guess Mark & I are giving each other a front door for Christmas this year :)

Just about any of these would be perfectly lovely as far as I’m concerned!
Traditional, eclectic or craftsman – I’m game.  What’s your favorite??

{This Old House}

{The Yellow Cape Cod}

{Charlotte Romance/original source unknown}

{HGTV Dream House 2009}



{CCForteza/Los Angeles}
*********ding ding ding*********
*******I think we have a winner!********
*****oh wait, I’m not choosing.  darn.*****
Which one would you choose?