Repurposed Cigar Boxes

Can you imagine life without the internet?
 The flipside of it’s many negative uses is the incredible exchange of ideas that is available to us.
One hundred years ago someone from Ireland could have a fabulous idea, execute a project, and write a letter to a relative in the States about it.  A few months later, the letter arrives, and the reader tries to imagine the project in her mind’s eye and attempt to recreate this great idea.  Today that project can be detailed, from the idea’s birth all the way through it’s completion, with photos and instructions, and shared the world over.  From methods of harvesting crops, to refinishing wood, sewing new fashions, or getting hydrangeas to bloom, it’s all at your fingertips for the taking.
Isn’t this thing that we have come to know as commonplace in our lives just amazing?
I have a pretty wooden cigar box that I want to repurpose, 
and in an instant I can find all these amazing inspirations!
Gorgeous centerpieces…..
(oh my, succulents and tangerines and beautiful flowers in a rustic cigar box???)
plant boxes for the porch….
pretty towel storage….
fun and unique purse with pretty lining…
desktop storage…..
jewelry box…
unique key strorage….
men’s valet….
So far I’ve soaked the label off my box and am working at getting all that adhesive off.  Now it’s going to get de-odorized with printed newspaper inside to absorb the cigar smell.
It’s a fun little project for the weekend – I’ll let you know how it comes out!
What are you up to this weekend?
Hope you have some fun and relax (and maybe even find some inspiring new projects to amuse you!)
Happy weekend, lovelies!