My Mother Is Always Right:: Pattern In Moderation

Hey all, I just want to say a humungous thank you to everyone who weighed in on my living room.  We sit in there every single day and yet is the most neglected room in the house, currently home to a mishmash of furniture and having a bit of an identity crisis.  However, thanks to your comments and ideas, I am finally on a roll with this room.

Our big decision is whether to keep the traditional rug we brought with us from our last home.  Because it was a bit of an investment, we have been waxing and waning about using it.

The thing is, we have turned into commitment-phobes when it comes to window treatments and rugs.  Why, you ask?  We are victims of the matchy-matchy late ’90s-early 2000s.  We drank the Kool-Aide that the Ethan Allen saleswoman was selling and had custom window treatments made for our family room, PLUS throw pillows, PLUS a large chair and ottoman, PLUS two roman shades for the adjoining kitchen, AND counter stool chair pads, ALL in the same floral fabric, with a complimenting plaid fabric everywhere else.

Looking back at these pictures, it was a bright, cheerful, happy space – but REALLY with all that floral fabric???  What was I thinking??  In our next house, I toned down the widespread use of the floral fabric by just using the panels in our family room, but that fabric exhausted me.  I was completely done with it by the time we moved two years ago.

The funny thing is that my mother has always said any kind of bold pattern gets tiresome after a while.  Did I believe her?  Nope.  Because I am headstrong, it’s true, and because I enjoy interior design, whereas it’s not really her thing, and yes, probably because I thought she was old-fashioned.  I thought I knew better.

Well, with most things, from feeding my babies and getting them to sleep through the night, to roasting a juicy turkey, to decorating with pattern, I have learned that my mother is always right.  She has a lifetime of experience after all.  When will I learn to listen to her?

And so the plan was born, when moving into this house and parting ways with that pretty but over-invested-in floral fabric, to create a neutral backdrop that we wouldn’t tire of over the years, a base that I could change up with throw pillows and accessories.  And this brings us back to the rug.  The rest of our space is so neutral that if we’re not married to this rug, I could bring in rust and brown in the fall, pops of red in the winter, blues and greens in the spring and summer….you get the idea.

But yet – I do love traditional rugs – especially when paired with more contemporary elements!!  On the other hand – a neutral rug = options.  So tomorrow – a case for the neutral rug.

In the meantime:
is there any advice you wish you had taken from your mom???
Or am I the only one?