Sweet Summertime:: The Last Week!

It’s hard to believe but in a week’s time my kids are heading back to school.  In these final days of summer we’ve crossed a few things off the summer list.

This week we went to an indoor trampoline park where the kids can literally bounce off the walls!

We also took a roadtrip down to Providence, RI to visit Mr. Lemon, a frozen lemonade stand on the outskirts of Providence College, where my partner in crime B went once upon a time.

 It’s worth the 25 minute ride – the frozen ices are that good!!  B is a teacher, so this outing was a last hurrah for the whole crowd.

After Mr. Lemon, we pushed our luck and took the kids to lunch (it’s all about the food for the big guys).  My boys acted like complete hooligans and I cursed myself for saying out loud what a great summer it’s been.  NEVER SAY THESE THINGS OUT LOUD!!!  What was I thinking?

This summer we didn’t go on any big family trip or do anything major.  My kids occasionally acted like a bunch of punks, their mother occasionally lost her temper, and we didn’t cross everything off our big summer bucket list.  But Mark was around a lot (the silver lining to searching for a new job!) and we managed to get in some good old fashioned fun between days at the beach, a couple of weekends at Lake Winnipesaukee, summer sports and playing in the neighborhood.   I hope when my kids look back on summers like this, they will remember the simple pleasures and good times we had with family and friends fondly.

 Thank you to everyone who joined me this summer – it was so much fun reading about your adventures and amusements!   Link up a post if you’d like to share and celebrate sweet summertime this final week!
 Next Friday is the Summer Before & After party and I’d love for you to join me to share anything you’ve accomplished recently – any kind of project will do!  
Read more about the Before & After parties here.  I hope you’ll join!  I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue the B&A series in the fall, but I have some other fun linky party ideas in mind if not.  In the meantime get your before and afters ready to share next Friday, August 31!
Now go on and enjoy these days of summer, lovelies!
Cheers, to enjoying the little things in life!