Sweet Summertime:: Week Four

Hi Friends!
What have you been up to this summer?  
This Friday linky party is just a fun way to compile your adventures and amusements – and motivation to take some pictures of them along the way.
All of my kids play summer sports, so we spend a lot of time watching this….
crashing on the ottoman in the middle of a Sunday is always a good summer activity!….
as is learning to peel potatoes…
…how about driving around looking at porticos and front steps with your crazy mother who makes you hang out the window taking pictures with her phone??….
These two girlies – Hannah and her friend, Emma – are growing their hair all summer.  
Reminds me of being a kid – not having to tie my hair up for school was so delicious in the summertime!
It’s official, I get the award for owning SLR cameras for over 10 years without understanding how to properly use them.  Thankfully I have a subject who allows me to take action shots of him while I play with my settings! 
Summertime – not having a schedule – flying by the seat of our pants – goofing around together – hanging out with friends – swimming – reading – enjoying ordinary days – making memories.  
I love this sweet season – of the year, and of my life.  
Our week was ordinary – but really, extraordinary.
Feeling so grateful today for these kids and being able to watch them grow up – 
yes, even when they complain about being bored.
Even when they argue with each other.
Even when the start of school seems so far off!
I so appreciate that I get to be their mom and I am trying my best to make their childhood a happy one.
As Jackie O once said, 
If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.

E.N.J.O.Y this day.  Who knows what tomorrow brings?  But today, go make the most of the day and fill it up with little bits of ordinary happiness!