Stylish Doggy Duvets

I’m in the market for a new dog bed cover.  
Here’s my pup on his LLBean bed.  Bruschi (pronounced “brew-ski” for all you non-Patriots fans) makes it look little, doesn’t he?  He can actually fit on the bed the long way, but for some reason he likes to lie like this.
In our last house this ginormous bed had the perfect spot in a corner of our very large family room, but in this house we could never find a place that worked well for it.  When we moved our kitchen table into the dining room, we decided to give Bruschi that whole area where the table once was in the kitchen.
This solution is actually working out great for us.  The bed is too big for our living or family room, and having the bed in this spot keeps Bruschi in the kitchen for the most part, which means his fur and slobberiness is contained a bit.  Our pup likes to be with us at all times, and having his bed centrally located means he can be in the midst of the family whilst he snoozes the day away.
However, the bed?  It’s not so pretty – especially for being right in the center of our house.  The LLBean cover is hearty and can take a beating – I vacuum it once a day and wash it every week – but it’s a couple years old and ready to be replaced.  The LLBean replacements are really not that cute, so I’ve been keeping my eye out in Homegoods and TJMaxx, but the beds are never big enough for my guy.  
Where to turn?  Etsy of course.  So many fabric choices that are in the same price range as the LLBean replacement covers!  Now to decide.
Just look at all these cute options.
I need a really large dog bed cover (in the range of 35″x45″) for my big fella; the prices below are for around this size.  (Bruschi’s LLBean bed is actually a large – they sell an extra-large that is 42″x52″ –  ginormous for any house!)  

{Seriously, how cute are these models???}

{Bow Wow Beds, $50}
Pet Design has all these fabrics to choose from:
{Pet Design, $50)
I love all the geometric patterns that are so hot right now in home decorating.  
We need to step up the style in Bruschi’s corner of the house, wouldn’t you agree?
Who says a pup can’t be stylin’?
I am overwhelmed with all the choices so please advise.  What fabric do you like?
Do you have any other resources for doggy duvets?
Hope you are off to do something fun today!  Have a good one, friends.