Color My World Challenge: Week Three

Hey friends, here we are in the third week of the Color My World Challenge! My goal is to bring in aqua and the blues of the ocean into my blah master bedroom.  Last week was decor week and I showed you how I made easy tracing paper wrapped canvases to finish a gallery wall with a little punch of blue; this week is all about paint.  I considered painting lamps, but in the end decided to use a freezer paper stencil to create a monogrammed pillow for our bed.

Before I jump into the monogram, a little background on Murphy’s Law and why there is only one enormous square pillow on our king sized bed.  Mark and I are not fans of thousands of decorative pillows that have to get moved off the bed at the end of the day, but we both like to read in bed so big square pillows in addition to our sleeping pillows made sense to us.  I’d been yearning to try freezer paper stenciling so I kept my eyes out for pillows that would make good candidates for adding a monogram.  Then I spied the perfect pillow at TJMaxx for a bargain basement price.  Only problem:  there was just one, so I left it behind.  A couple days later I ventured into Marshalls to find the same pillow, again flying solo, so I snatched it up and boogied back to TJMaxx, but as Murphy’s Law would have it that first pillow was long gone.  So now I am left to search every TJMaxx and Marshalls across the nation for a mate for my big ol’ pillow, and in the meantime whoever gets to bed first gets the comfy reading pillow on our bed.  You can bet I’m hightailing it up there every night!

If I can’t find another matching square pillow (oh these first world problems –  the absurdity of it all!) I think we can make do :)

So here’s the one pillow, after I gussied it up:

Have you ever tried a freezer paper stencil??  It works like a charm!!  My friend Ashley at There Is No Place Like Homemade recently did a post on this subject that reignited my desire to try it.  Definitely check out her great tutorial for the details (and see how cute the shirts she made for her son’s birthday turned out!!)  I do wish I had taken her advice and pre-washed the fabric; I think that’s why I have some rippling on the S.  Oh well – lesson learned!

A quick summary of the process: freezer paper has wax on one side, so after you print out your image (or in my case, letter) onto regular printer paper, you trace it onto the non-wax side of the freezer paper, cut out the image with an exacto knife, iron the wax side onto fabric, slip a magazine or paper bag under the fabric to prevent bleed-through, and paint away.  When you’re done painting, the freezer paper peels right off.  I used this technique for the large S, specifically choosing a font for the letter that wouldn’t be too laborious to cut out with the exacto.  I did the S first and let this dry before I moved onto the L and M.

Because the L and M were wispy and curvy, I opted to trace these letters onto the fabric by printing them onto regular paper, coloring the back of the paper with a light-colored chalk, and then positioning and tracing the letter with a pencil.  A faint imprint of the chalk was left on the fabric that I went over with pencil, then painted over with a fine-tipped brush.  The chalk residue wiped right off with a damp cloth.

I had to reconstruct the M a bit, as the swirls flow to the left of the letter and I wanted them to flow to the right, so I did my best to redraw it.  I didn’t realize how off-center my monogram was until I had both letters painted on, and added a bit more swirlyness to the L to even it out.  Not perfect but I still like how it came out.

FYI, fonts for these letters are Henry Morgan Hand for the S and Some Weatz for the swirly L and M.  They are both downloadable for free from  I am a huge font fanatic!

What do you think?  I am definitely digging the soothing ocean blues for our peaceful retreat and feel like the monogram adds a little somethin’-somethin’ to the bed – rippling, off-centeredness and all.

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I keep forgetting to add to my grateful list!!  Where was I?……

6.  remembering the grateful list
7.  motivation to get my bedroom done
8.  45 minutes of chit chat with one of my besties yesterday!
9.  sunshine on school vacation
10.  our favorite Pizzeria Regina this afternoon with Mark & kiddos!

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