Ballard Sweepstakes For Pinners

Have you heard about the $1000 sweepstakes from Ballard Designs?  Create a board on Pinterest using items from Ballards, submit it to the contest and win a gift card to spend any way you like.  The criteria is that your pinboard items must be valued at under $1000 collectively, so you have to get creative with pinning.  As far as I’m concerned, someone has to win it – why can’t it be you or me??  Right?  I would be more than happy to spend a thousand buckaroos at Ballards, thank you very much.

Here’s my living room pinboard so far……I’m going for a relaxing, put-your-feet-up-and-read-the-paper-kinda vibe.  You know, instead of the just-been-robbed look we’ve been sporting since we moved all the furniture down to the basement!

Pin away and enter – and if you win I want to hear all about what you’re getting!