Day At The Cape

Mom and I took the day off from working on her house to drive down to the Cape (Cape Cod for you out-of-towners) to visit my niece Angela for her 26th birthday.  I was a freshman in high school the night we got the call that a little 4 lb. baby girl had been born 8 weeks early.  She was so little that when my brother held her sweet little head in the palm of his hand, her feet barely touched the crook of his elbow.  Tiny little girl earned the nickname Bubba, which was contradictory to the little blond wisp of a girl she grew into, and yet perfect for her at the same time.

Now she’s all grown up, and the object of my kids’ adoration.  (And that 3 year old boy is almost ten – can someone explain to me why time goes by so fast?)

Angela grew up in coastal towns and can’t imagine living away from the ocean.  I don’t blame her – look how pretty the Cape is in the off-season.  This is Angela’s view on her way to and from work – the water was such a pretty shade of blue-green yesterday.

Ang can walk her dog Sky down to the beach every day after work…..isn’t this a lovely place to live?

We met my brother John for lunch in Falmouth Center at La Cucina, a great restaurant he and his wife frequent.   Falmouth Center has tons of cute shops and is nice place to walk around.  If you’re visiting the Cape anytime soon make sure to stop here and also visit La Cucina.

John, Angela & Mom all went with John’s favorite, Chicken Marsala…..

and I had scrod with an Italian twist of pesto, a tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes with mozzarella on top and a balsamic glaze – it was DElish!  (I’m sorry, John, Ang and Mom but my meal was even yummier than yours!)

Of course no family get-together would be complete without me insisting on putting my camera on self-timer mode, which was met with moaning and groaning all around.  Little sisters are supposed to be annoying, right?

Happy birthday to my Bubs!  You are one of the most kind-hearted and special people I know! xox

Tomorrow I have some unearthed treasures from Mom’s to share with you, and Friday is the big March After Party!  Are you joining it?  You are welcome to link up any before and after project, even if you didn’t link up to the “before” party at the beginning of the month – just come on by and share what you’ve been up to!

I can’t wait to show you how my mom’s makeover has progressed so far and see how your projects went!!