February After Party!

Welcome welcome welcome to the February After Party!

Shine Your Light

It's time to link up the fruits of your labors this month!  Did you start a project?  A health plan?  A goal to write a little bit each day?  If you got any project off the ground, I want to hear about it.  That's what these Before & After Linky Parties are all about - to give you the motivation to get started!

That being said, my own project for the month of February was to start pulling together my master bedroom.  As I confessed this week, I got sidetracked from this project when we found ourselves with a dining room.  We recently finished our basement, and the furniture that was taking up space in the official dining room went down there.

Someday in the future we envision a huge farm table in here, something along these lines....
{Country Living}

Until we make that purchase down the road, we had planned to use this room for the family computer and printer, where our kids could work on school projects.  However, we spontaneously decided to move our kitchen table into the dining room instead.

Where once the table and six chairs seemed ginormous in the kitchen.....
they're like a tiny island in the middle of the vast ocean of the dining room!

That's how the dining room unexpectedly became my big project for the month of February.  I painted the walls (Ben Moore's Edgecomb Gray on the top - leftover from the basement, and White Dove in semi-gloss for the chair rail and below - leftover from the rest of the trim painting in our house.)

Then - the major project - I set to work to revive the tired table and chairs that have seen my children through from babyhood to the onset of the teens.   I estimate we've sat at this table for somewhere in the area of 13,650 meals and an untold number of arts and crafts in it's 13 years!  They've been banged up and disrespected by my munchkins many a time, earning them frequent paint jobs.   I really need this set to power through for a couple more years, so it was time for a another facelift.  Finally, two weeks after I started stripping and painting, we can actually sit down to this table for meals again!! {More on that process at a later date!}
Here's a peek into our living room - we have tons of room to extend our table for the holidays.  {And yes, the living room is half furnished all of a sudden.   We're playing musical furniture in this house right now!}
The tabletop looks black in most of these pictures, but it actually has a lot of the rich red mahogany stain peeking through, which I love!

The rest of the room is a blank canvas that I'm fired up to work on!  (If you didn't weigh in yet, what do you think of my idea for the mirror wall???  Please, please, please give this girl some advice!)

This is where my head's at right now for the room - what are your thoughts?  I love the colors in the Pottery Barn vignette (#5) - whites & browns with a pop of color.  I want to keep it neutral enough that I can change it up throughout the year.
{1. Lowes, 2. Southern Living, 3. Home Decorators, 4. Sunset, 5. Pottery Barn}
We have a seagrass rug in another room that has held up great over the years, so we're in the market for another one for this room.  Love the texture and warmth it brings.  I also plan on hanging either dark or light bamboo shades flanked by simple white panels either edged with grosgrain ribbon, like I did in the adjoining living room, or bordered with a patterned fabric.

I'm excited to have this dining room to decorate and best of all - share meals in with our family and friends!!  Between having our house on the market forever and then moving and renovating, we haven't entertained much in the last couple of years.  It's time peeps!!!

Enough about my February project - let's see your before and afters!  Link up a blog post (or if you don't have a blog, email me some before and after photos and I'll share with the world.  You'll be downright famous!)  This link party will be open until Friday, March 2.
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Let's celebrate what you accomplished this month!  I'm excited that this blog hop is encouraging some of you to get going on something you've been wanting to do.  Last's month's AFTERS were just plain awesome and I can't wait to see what you have this month!  

Rock on, goal achievers!!


Jennifer L. Griffin said...

I can't believe how different your table looks. Fantastic job! And, your design board looks terrific. I like the direction you're headed...keep up the good work!

pam {simple details} said...

Love that you changed direction mid-course! Ha! Your table is fabulous, I love your inspiration board and can't wait for what's up next!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Omg, Lisa! Your table looks AMAZING! I love the dark stain and the contrast with the white legs. It looks brand new and so current!
Unfortunately, we aren't finished with our guest bath, so I'll wait and share next month. Oh well. That will teach me...next time I'll have to link up a less ambitious project!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

What a great space your dining room is! The table and chairs look so nice and fresh now too.

Suzy www.savedbysuzy.blogspot.com said...

You did an amazing job on your table! I'm jealous of the huge windows in your dining room. It's such a nice and bright room. I really like the coral, orangeish, and aqua scheme in #5. I think it would look pretty with the seagrass rug. As for me, my after post is not quite ready and it's not going to be very inspiring! I'll put it up later tonight hopefully.

Ange said...

That table is gorgeous! I love it! I also like your mood board and where you are going with the dining room. Wish I had an answer for the plate wall but hopefully as the room comes together, you will be hit with inspiration! Thanks for hosting this great party, it feels good to be done with the bub's room! Going to see what else was linked up! Happy Weekend!

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Wow! That table looks fabulous! I love that you've kept your table for so long and just revamped it when ya got tired of it. That's awesome.

Carolyn at Moose Mouse Creations said...

Your dining room is looking beautiful. Love the inspiration board (I have that plate display pinned and look back at it daily!) It's funny how home renovation can take an uncharted course of its own! Thanks for hosting this great party. I'm really good at starting projects, but not always at finishing them...this definitely helped give me the gentle push that I needed!

Privet and Holly said...

I love your vision,
Lisa! The mood board
is beautiful and you
are off to a great start
in the room, already.

xx Suzanne

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hi! I found you through The Blooming Hydrangea :o) And even though it isn't my personal before and after redo, I wanted to share my post of our daughter's before and after nursery room progress :o) I wish we lived nearer to them, but they are doing a marvelous job so far.

I love your dining room furniture redo. And the ideas you shared for what you plan on possibly doing sounds awesome. I went over and peeked at your mirror wall post...and I love your mirror painted white. I love color, but also like the look of different shaped white platters and plates.

Blessings & Aloha!
I'm happy to meet you here! If you have some time, I'd love for you to take a peek at our daughter's progress for her little one's nursery.

Delilah said...

The power of paint still amazes me! That table and chairs is outstanding. I have a table and chairs needing that kind of attention too. Thanks for all the inspiration.

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Thanks for hosting! It definitely inspired me to get moving! I don't think I would have finished as much of my office project if I hadn't linked up, so THANK YOU!

Adelina Priddis said...

I love the mahogany peeking through your table! Fabulous job! I'm a little late, but I got my nursery linked up!