This & That & Cupcakes

Hi everyone,
First off, have you entered my Shabby Apple dress giveaway?  If not, head over and enter!  A winner will be drawn tomorrow by and you could win yourself this cute little black dress for the holidays!!

Second, thank you so much for your love about my stairs redo that I posted about last week!  I know a few of you are waiting for a tutorial on that one and it’s coming.

The next plan of action for my foyer was to add a seagrass, jute or sisal runner to the stairs, but the one I wanted is, of course, backordered, so I threw myself into another project that I’ve been chomping at the bit to get started on:  board and batten!

I was going to go with picture frame molding for wainscoting in the foyer, but Mark & I had a last minute change of heart.  I’m hoping to finish this up today but in the meantime here’s a peek of what’s been happening around my house!

Last but not least, long ago when my girly girl turned 11 back in MAY, and I promised her a little sleepover with a couple of her girlfriends in honor of her birthday and we finally got around to it {now that she is just about 11 1/2!} Hannah has such a nice group of friends and it was really hard for her to choose who to invite.  She worries about hurting someone’s feelings if they are not invited and I love her kind heart.  I gave her the choice of having a bunch of friends over for a few hours or a couple of girls for a sleepover and she chose the latter.

Seeing as Hannah loves to bake, we decided that in lieu of a cake, the kids would frost cupcakes.  The two of us are learning how to use different tips but we’re both still really spazzy cake decorators.
{I’d love to take a cake decorating class with Hannah, just for fun!  Have you ever taken one?}

I bought Wilton food colors, colored ready-made white frosting, and filled icing bags with different tips and colored frostings.

Oh my gosh – this stuff is awesome!!  
Why haven’t I invested in these icing colorings before?
All you need is one dip of a toothpick into the gel coloring, and then mix it into your frosting to create beautiful rich colors!  These colors are SO much more concentrated than the the food coloring I buy at the grocery store.  I bought the 12 pack of 1/2 oz. jars at AC Moore {regularly $16.49 but were on sale for 30% off.}  I made the investment because my kids love to bake with me and I think these will last us a good long while.

Although I have filled icing bags with frosting many times in the past, I always get frosting here, there and everywhere, so at long last I checked out some youtube videos and learned how to do it properly.  Once I got the technique down I was filling those bags lickety split like a pro.  Here’s how in case you’re interested.

I made cupcakes and gave them a skim coat of frosting before handing off to the girls.
In years past I would have had the whole table tricked out with cute decor, but this year I simply turned up the music, set all the frosting bags and oodles of sprinkles out on the table the let the girls go at it.
They had so much fun and were so creative!!

The kids made two cupcakes that night:  one to eat and one to take home the next day.
I found these perfect little cupcake boxes at ACMoore and dare I say they were the icing on the cake??? I popped them into goody bags along with some fun sprinkles, cupcake liners and writing gel.

The best part, of course, is that my little girl (okay, she’s already 5’3″, but she’ll always be my little girl!) had fun with her friends, made some memories, and felt
celebrated and loved.
There is nothing sweeter!

Have a wonderful day!