Prettying Up The Front Door For Fall

Fall in New England....it doesn't get much better!  This might be my favorite time of year.  Wait no, it's spring in New England.  Wait, no - it's summer.  No - it's definitely fall!  Okay any season but winter is my favorite in New England!

This year I'm all about distracting with my outdoor decorating for fall.
Why, you ask?

Oh, I know it doesn't look so bad, but our front entrance is in a desperate state.

While painting the lights and the front door has been an improvement, there are miles to go before we sleep.
The railings have completely rusted out at the base and are hanging in there by a thread, and the original cement steps are crumbling in places and have completed pulled away from the house.  The screen door is falling apart and hanging askew since Hurricane Irene came to town last month, and the entire walk needs to be reset since the bluestones have shifted into precarious little tripping spots.   Never mind the holly bushes that attack our guests as they attempt to ring the doorbell!

Until we can remedy this sad state of affairs, 
I'm all 

look over here!

No not at the front door,
here at the adorable pumpkin!
How cute is that tendril?!

Never mind the rusty railing!
oooh pretty colors!

Forget the crumbling cement!
check out that crazy wild grass! 
Isn't it fun?
(It's probably not "supposed to" go into pots, but I like to live on the edge.)

Eyes over here!
oooooh!  ahhhh!
{How many of you think that moss I added will end up in every bird's nest on my street?}

This year I incorporated some autumnal elements into what was still going strong in my front urn - the spikes and the one that creeps over the side (who's name escapes me right now) {both of which I read are "out of style" as far as planters this year....I didn't even know that there were trends in gardening!}
Every year I like to change it up a bit and try something new.  

Despite the shabby (but no, not chic) state of our front door we still are happy to have you come visit and hope you don't mind our humble entry!

I hope you have a wonderful autumn 
wherever you live! 


classic • casual • home said...

We have the same sort of entry with the door being high and near the street....it was a challenge for me figuring out the stairs...but yours looks a 100 times--no 1000 times-- better than mine did. Here is is before... http://www.classiccasualhome.com/2011/03/cottage-facade-challenge.html
I love how your wreath pops on the black door.

To The Moon and Back said...


Julie said...

Your "Happy Fall" writing on the pumpkins really caught my eye. Nice job!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love love LOVE this! So perfect for fall and subtle enough to take you through the season! Would love to have you link up to my Fall 5 series...it's going on today! :)

Kathleen said...

Looks beautiful. my fav time of year as well then comes spring with everything poking out of the ground new and beautiful.

Noelle said...

It looks very welcoming!! I would never know of any of those things you named!! I love your pots and who cares whats "in style" spikes and vinca vines look great in your pots!! Love the look of the black door and the orange of wreath and the pumpkins!!

Privet and Holly said...

Your plan was
definitely successful;
I only had eyes
for those gorgeous
urns packed to the
gills with goodness!
Happy, happy fall!
xx Suzanne
PS: Thank you for
your sweet silver

The Pineapple Room said...

So pretty! I just love the wreath on the front door! And I did not know that plants could go out of style...how funny is that. Heck i'm just happy if I can keep a weed alive...I can't even begin to address the trendy-ness of the plant..HA HA. Happy Fall Decorating

Andrea Reh said...

I would love to visit New England during the fall (especially Thanksgiving). Perhaps I'll make it next year.

Andrea x

Rene said...

Your touches are all so festive Lisa. We have the same urns - great minds ;)

A Vintage Vine said...

Well, you disguised it pretty good! Love the urns!