Summer Snapshots Week One!

As my kids get older I find myself taking less photos of them, because at 12, 11 and 9 they do not appreciate the camera capturing every moment, plus they are not with me 24/7 everyday.  To add to the mother-guilt, for some strange reason (ummmmmm, this blog perchance?) I find myself taking 72 daily photos of inanimate objects such as lamps.  Instead of my children.  Nice mother.

Amber at The Starfish Blog is hosting a weekly party with the challenge to capture a photo of every day of this summer, but I'd be happy with ONE moment, one wee little moment of every week of this summer that is memorable or joyful or funny!  {Amber, I hope you don't mind my abbreviated version of your challenge!}  I'm so excited to try to participate every week!


So here we are - week one of a Summer Snapshots!
(Kind of a big deal in our little town!)

PS.......look at my baby and friends about - oh -  a minute ago???

Yesterday Peter said, "Mom, what's the big deal?  Everyone HAS to graduate from 6th grade!"

Admittedly, my husband and I were a tiny bit amused at all the pomp and circumstance for an elementary school graduation, until a speaker at the ceremony said, "In the blink of an eye the next six years will pass and you will be graduating from high school."  Yep, that's just about when my eyes filled up with tears!  Can someone please stop this madness of the days being loooooooong but the years being short?

One more reminder about how fast the time goes and how much I need to savor these days!


Amber said...

Hello! I don't mind the abbreviated version at all!! LOL!! It's so true about the days being long and the years so short. Enjoy the moments! That kinder pic is so cute too. Thanks for linking up! xoxo Amer

classic • casual • home said...

No one will let me take snap shots much less every day...once a week would be great. Your big boys are DARLING.

Janine said...

Your precious son looks like such a fine young man! Too crazy how fast they grow up before our eyes.

Val said...

It's amazing how time passes with a blink of an eye. Your son is adorable!!!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

My son just graduated from 6th grade Monday in our little town too! It is a big deal...off to Junior High! I cried when I watched the slideshow...where have our babies gone?

Sandy said...

Okayyyyy How could I have missed this post! Where was I? Uhhh probably sewing.
This is such a sweet post.
Never realized that you have a son that is already so much older.
Well, oh boy does that make sense?
What I mean is.... I thought you had all of them still in elementary?!?
Congrats with leaving 6th!