Tinkerbelle Lilacs and Garden Discoveries

Since moving into this house last August I have been so excited to see what was in our new garden.  Many plants were already past bloom when we moved in, and some I couldn’t identify, I decided to wait a full year before adding or deleting anything. 

How overjoyed I was this week to discover that bushes that grew along our driveway are a dwarf variety of lilac! 

In all the houses we’ve lived in we never had a lilac bush and I desperately wanted one for this house.  I had no idea these bushes that bloomed a couple weeks after traditional lilacs in the area were indeed lilacs too until I smelled their heady scent. With the wonders of the internet I discovered these beauties are Tinkerbelle Lilacs that have deep pink buds that bloom to light pink flowers.

Excuse the painful photography.
My daughter’s little HP camera does not do them any justice, so just to show you how lovely they actually are here is a photo from Weston Nurseries:

I wish I could send you all a bouquet, they smell so pretty and make my kitchen counter so cheerful!

I also have peonies, rhodies, rose bushes, rose of sharon bushes, hydrageas, creeping hydranges, lace hydrangeas……oh so many delights!!  Amidst these are oft-overlooked pretties:


growing wild in the back yard and riddled with poison ivy, so unfortunately not here for long

Flowering Weeds(?)
also on their way out, but cheered me this spring

that have run amuck, but are welcome ground cover with their pretty tiny white flowers
I must tell you how much I took for granted and miss my Digital Rebel that took some of these photos above. My husband gave it to me when I was pregnant with that yummy baby that just turned nine, and although I knew it was a fairly expensive camera, I have come to discover that to replace just the body of the camera (not lense) with a comparable Canon product today would be around $1,500. Yikes!  And sadly, not in the budget after the extensive work we’ve done to our house this year.

Until I can replace it (and since I wanted one to throw in my bag anyway!) I’m looking for a compact point-and-shoot, preferably Canon or Nikon, under $200 – do you have any recommendations for me?  Please advise if so!

And also tell me what’s growing in your garden these days?