Cake Bunting and Camera Woes

Hi friends!
Thanks so much for your sweet comments and emails about our anniversary!  I’m all sorts of warm and fuzzy after reading them all!

Does anyone else have a time of year in which a bunch of special occasions fall?  For my friend Betsy it’s December – two kids’ birthdays, her birthday, Christmas and New Years, all rolled into one crazy month.  For us it’s this time between Mother’s and Father’s Days that include our anniversary and the birthdays of my husband, son, daughter, brother, mother-in-law and me, and that’s just family.  Whoa nelly!  It’s a big love-fest around here.  After Father’s Day we go back to our regularly scheduled programming of crankiness and bad attitudes :)

My husband turned 28 the day after we were married – I’ll let you do the math – let’s just say that in our kids’ minds he’s now as old as the hills, and they were sure to let him know that yesterday!

Loungewear is a requirement for American Idol viewing.

His birthday cake request was his mom’s recipe from his childhood – a homemade chocolate cake kept moist with a cup of coffee, and slathered with buttercream frosting.  Oh it’s good!  For fun I used scraps of pretty paper to bust out a cute little birthday banner for the cake that can be reused. 

After making this tiny banner, known as a cake bunting, I discovered we had run out of wooden skewers and improvised with straws that weren’t quite tall enough, which meant the bunting was touching the cake, but I still think it looked pretty darn cute and fun.  The birthday boy is not a fan of sprinkles so I kept them on the down-low but for a kid’s cake I might go all out with colorful sprinkles to hide my haphazard frosting job.  I will give you a quick tutorial on the bunting (oh so easy!) when I am back in business with my camera. 

Speaking of which, what do you think about the awesome, crispy quality of the above photos?  Yeah, not so much. They were taken with my daughter’s extremely cheap point and shoot camera.   My good camera is busted in a big way and is causing some serious emotional distress to this blogger/crazy-picture-taking mama! I’m waiting to hear the verdict on whether or not the 9 year old digital Rebel EOS (so old-school it requires you to look through the viewfinder, but takes a decent picture) will survive. Keep your fingers crossed for me because the budget is not exactly allowing for a brand-spankin’ new one!

In the meantime, let me introduce you to some of the many adorable cake bunting ideas out there! 

This lil’ number is sold on etsy by boobahblue and is made from fabric.
Vintage Green Limited on Etsy….again made out of fabric and oh so fun.
Here’s one from The Wedding Bee – how lovely is that?
Martha Stewart cake bunting….love the string!
Jaime Mancilla on Etsy….don’t the bows on the end add a sweet touch?
Because my sewing skills are lacking, I opt for the paper vs. fabric, but either is great for using up pretty scraps.  Remember these “Round of Golf” cupcakes I made for last year’s Father’s Day? 
The kids and I quickly made those little flags out of scrapbook paper and toothpicks, and we have a ton of extras that I keep in my pantry.  They are great for identifiying foods at a party such as cheeses or dips. 
In other awesome and wonderful news, my knee has decided to take a hiatus from functioning.  Is this because I took a good year off from any strenuous exercise and then decided to jump back into it full force this spring?  Um yes, yes it is.  Let’s go drown my sorrows about my bum knee in a piece of birthday cake right  now, what do you say?
Hope you have a great day, rain or shine! 

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