The Royal Jewels

No, not those royal jewels….
such as a fabulous sapphire bauble on a certain bride-to-be this coming Friday….
these are the sort of jewels you’d find around this castle – 
 just the everyday/fun/cheap/H&M/Old Navy variety – but somehow this board makes them all look fancier than they are!
I know, I know, you’ve seen a thousand and one jewelry board tutorials!
Jewelry boards have been making their way around the blogospere for, oh, at least a fortnight or so, but in case you haven’t made one because it looks intimidating, I’m here to tell you this is a craft project for the un-crafty, and a must for any woman who has her jewelry heaped in a box on her bureau.
I made my first board a few years ago, and since then I can’t believe how much more I wear my fun jewelry because
I can see it when I’m getting dressed! 
This was my original board.  I loved the robins egg blue/chocolate brown combo that coordinated with my old master bedroom, but the busy background took away from the jewelry.
This board hung in the walk-in closet of my previous master bedroom.  In our new house, the closet in our bedroom is, um, a bit more petite, and so the jewelry board will be finding a new home in the bathroom.  Our new bedroom and bathroom will be comprised of lots of whites and creams and so it was time to give the board a little makeover.  I love how my necklaces and bracelets pop on the natural burlap background and I really love how the board is pretty yet functional.  Some of these items I don’t even wear but they remind me of – or were given to me by – someone special.
Why not enjoy your lovely things everyday?
Here’s any easy way for you to hang your jewelry to keep the pieces from entangling in a jewelry box, remind you to wear them and serve as some eye candy for your walls! 
Empty picture frame
1/4″ Foamboard (easily found at office supplies stores, CVS, etc.)
Spray adhesive or Mod Podge
Decorative upholstery tacks or decorative push pins
Strong adhesive or packing tape
Cut foamboard to the size of your empty frame (I taped two pieces of foamboard together with packing tape to make a board big enough.)  Foamboard is easy to cut, and is sturdy enough to hold the jewelry without the tacks falling out (aided by a little glue).  You can also use a bulletin board for this project but I went with inexpensive foam because it was readily available at the Walgreens right up the road.
Cut a piece of fabric a couple inches wider and longer than the board.  Cover the board with spray adhesive or Mod Podge and then wrap with fabric.  (If you use Mod Podge, work quickly, it dries fast!)
I used a brayer to fully adhere the fabric to the board.
Secure the fabric to the back of the board with strong adhesive.  Tape worked just fine for me.
I ordered these upholstery tacks from eBay and love them.  They are like little pieces of jewelry themselves! 
Using a pencil, mark where you want to add your tacks or pins to the board.  You might want to lay out your jewelry to see how far apart you want to space your tacks.  I have a short row on the bottom for bracelets and the rest are for necklaces.  The jewelry overlaps but I wanted to fit a lot of tacks on the board so I was okay with the overlap.
Before pushing the tacks or pins into the board, dip them in a strong glue to hold them in place once the jewelry is hung from them.  Make sure it dries completely before hanging your jewelry.
Pop the board into your frame.  My frame had brads left in it (from it’s previous life housing a print in my son’s nursery).  I used the brads to hold the board in, but you could also use packing tape to secure the lightweight foam board inside the frame. 
Put a d-ring or saw-tooth hanger on the back of the frame for hanging, and
enjoy your work of art!

Most of my baubles are nothing special, but I love seeing them anyway!
Ooooooh something shiny.
I love the neutral texture the natural burlap adds (and it’s so inexpensive!!!)
This one below just reminds me of my Gramma and makes me smile!
I wrote this post yesterday, and then went on to do some blog reading only to disover that Andrea of Oak Ridge Revival made a similar jewelry board for her daughter, using the cutest pins!  Check it out.
I’m enjoying being able to see my necklaces and bracelets when I get dressed, but I also think the bling looks pretty and interesting on the wall.  I hope you make one so you, too, can enjoy your lovely things every day!

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