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Creating A Space That Will Withstand The Test Of Time

Decisions, decisions………….

Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by to give me your opinion on kitchen hardware!   I loved hearing your thoughts!  We compared brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze knobs on kitchen drawers all week, and we really liked them both.  We already have black wrought iron lighting in the kitchen {that we love}, complicating our decision, but in the end we really feel like brushed nickel is a classic look and decided to go with that.

You all know what happens when you do one home project though – you open up a huge can of worms.  Just considering kitchen hardware colors made us realize how much BRASS is all over our house (as in, should we go with oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel on the cabinets, but wait, all the rest of the hardware in the house is brass!  ay yi yi).  And we’re not just talking brass, but scratched up, painted-on tired old brass that has seen better days.

Thinking about changing out all the brass got us talking about how hard it is to keep up with trends over the years.  In our near-14 years of marriage we have lived in 4 houses and have replaced carpets and tile floors, refinished hardwood floors, painted countless rooms, ripped out and updated backsplashes, replaced countertops – you name it, we’ve done it, and I’m sure you’ve done a lot of these things too.  What was the thing 10 years ago, even 2 years ago, can be so OUT this year – it’s mind-boggling for the average homeowner.  We would like to have a comfortable and stylish home, but we are by no means looking to live in a designer showcase, and we certainly don’t want to do major overhauls on our home whenever the wind blows a new trend in.

The big question we are always contemplating is HOW on earth to choose materials and make decisions for our home that will withstand home trends that come and go.  Over the years we have come to this conclusion: 
create a classic, neutral backdrop, and then use trends to freshen up a space with accessories.

Throw pillows are such a fun and relatively inexpensive way to update your home. 
Left to right:  Turquoise Tumbleweed on Etsy, West Elm, Turquoise Tumbleweed.

I know, I know, its so much easier said than done to create a “classic backdrop”.  Just tell our big conclusion to all those folks that thought the oak cabinetry they chose in the ’80s would always be in style!  Or to the previous owners of our house who invested in bologna-colored quartz countertops!!!

This all brings me back to the kitchen hardware and the population of brass in this house.  If we’re going to change out all the brass, what color to go with?  Like the cabinet hardware, this is an INVESTMENT.  We have 19 sets of doorknobs & hinges which would cost upwards of $500 to replace. 

Schlage doorknob set @ Lowes:  $12.97 each.  Set of 3 hinges:  $7.97 each.

In ten years I don’t want our house to look like it’s stuck in 2011, and I certainly don’t want to change out all my doorknobs again in that short span of time.  {We’ll have 3 kids in college then!!}  We really feel like brushed nickel has a timeless feel, so brushed nickel it will be for this house, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this look will not go the way of brass, because I don’t know if I have it in me to do this again!

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