Our 2010: The Year Of Painting

This year was a whirlwind!  Just looking at the projects we accomplished this year makes me feel like lying on the couch and vegetating!  Most days I look around our new-to-us house and feel like nothing is finished yet, not one room feels complete.  But the beauty of photography (even my sub-par photography!) is seeing the dramatic changes already.  Just reviewing what we’ve done makes me excited for the year ahead and all the projects that will ultimately make this house our home.

2010 projects were all about the power of paint.  Here are a few of my favorite changes:

Our last master bedroom:

Our previous house refused to sell in this terrible economy, to the tune of 18 months on the market!  When I ran out of closets to organize and junk to get rid of, I painted our bedroom from chocolate brown to sandy white, and the very next day we got two offers!!!  {Just for the record I loved the room both ways!}

Our new house was covered in various shades of peach paint…..the walls, the trim, the bathroom vanity, even the brick on the family room fireplace (hence, the “Peach Pit”).  There was also an abundance of orange-y woodwork that needed freshening up.
Within 24 hours of owning the house I became a painting maniac.
The family room….
The living room……….
Seanie’s Room……
Hannah’s Room……

The foyer…..
I’ve actually painted every room in the house except for the master bathroom, the kid’s bathroom, and the mudroom, which is part of our garage and is going to get a major makover this spring.  The kitchen will also be getting a facelift until we can afford to tear the whole thing out and put in our dream kitchen (thats on the 5 year plan!)
When I look back I’m fired up about how far our house has come in the past few months.  Now that the foundation has been laid, it’s time to bring some style into the house!
Moving to a smaller, older home could have been a difficult transition, but inspiration came to us in the form of DIY and home decor blogs. 
Just seeing other’s fabulous before-and-after projects made us truly excited at the prospect of finding a diamond in the rough and transforming it into everything we want in a home.  While we have a long way to go, we’re pouring our blood, sweat and tears into this house more than any other we’ve lived in.  We’re changing it’s look and feel, making it more functional for our family, and giving a builder’s basic colonial some character.  We are learning new skills and putting to work talents that we have been blessed with, and the fruits of our labor are so gratifying. 
I’m so grateful to all of you, bloggers, readers, friends and family, who have given us ideas and support since beginning this journey. 
for visiting Shine Your Light and making this process fun,
for your lovely comments and feedback,
and for your friendship in 2010!
*May you have a blessed and healthy year ahead!*

The Lettered Cottage