A Calendar For A New Year Ahead

Can you believe it’s almost time to welcome in 2011?
 First Night – Boston/photo via boston.com

I, for one, am very excited for the promise a new year holds.  Like any other year, 2010 had it’s happy times and hard ones too.  I look forward to the joys of the future with gratitude in my heart for the many ways I am blessed – including having you in my life through this humble little blog!

I am inspired daily by the talents and generosity that are shared in blogland.  While you are mulling over all the great projects and to-dos you want to accomplish in the coming year, check out this free, downloadable, chic and snazzy 12-month calendar from Elle at SWITCHEROOm.  I keep my calendar on my computer, but also need to have one on my bulletin board because I am so visual – if an important event is not right in front of me I might completely forget it.  Look how cute Elle’s designs are!

To download, all you have to do is follow Elle’s blog
Hop on over to check it out and enter the new year all organized and ready to tackle lots of fun projects!  Thanks for this great download, Elle!

I love hearing from you! {Comments welcome!}