Whimsical Animal Art

Today I want to share with you the artwork of my amazing friend Amy from Harvest Moo Studio.

Amy is the artist who painted this name sign in Hannah's room,

but Amy's real passion is painting animals in a whimsical and colorful way.   Amy is commissioned to paint pet portraits, and the likeness is uncanny.  I have a soft spot for this one of "Heidi" because she's a Saint!

I can't get over the expressions Amy manages to capture.

When I was picture framing, I had the pleasure of working with Amy and seeing her art up close. You would not believe the detail in her work.  I had to laugh when I saw this foursome below because right away I recognized the pets.  Those cute one-eyed dogs are my former neighbors, Sadie & Helen.

Amy is so talented........

I also love these portraits of random animals - Amy paints cows, geese, sheep, and everything in between.  Aren't they so fun?  
They would be great in a kitchen or playroom {or this one below in a beach house!}

Amy has recently been exploring a fun and interesting new direction:

Amy's art is now being sold all over the Boston area and I'm so thrilled for her!
If you'd like to see more of Amy's artwork or inquire about pet portraits, head to Amy's facebook page, Harvest Moo Studios.

Have a great day!


Rene said...

I adore her work Lisa! It is always nice to see paintings of pets and I especially love cow paintings.


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

She is so talented, they are so pretty! Enjoy your thanksgiving!