Girl’s Blue Bedroom, Part Two

Hi there!  Thanks so much to everyone for all the lovely comments and emails about Hannah’s room reveal!  It’s certainly fun to play show and tell!

As promised, here are the detes on some of the {many!} projects that went into my sweetie pie’s room.

This room is all about color and fun!

We started with a clean slate…..

#1:  Paint and new carpeting. 

These were the biggest changes.
I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Splash (2059-60) and in real life it is not as bright as it appears in pictures.  It is truly a lovely and happy color and my poor photography does not do it justice.  I also repainted the trim a nice crisp white.

#2:  Chalkboard. 
The absolute best thing about each of my kid’s rooms is the chalkboard – so much fun for silliness with friends!!  I am a big fan of chalkboard paint and between all the houses we have lived in I have painted 6 wall chalkboards.  Here’s a quick tutorial for a bordered chalkboard:

Step 1 – roll chalkboard paint onto the wall.  I didn’t measure, just eyeballed a rectangle.  Allow to dry completely.

Step 2 – apply a border with paint.  This border incorporated the accent colors of the room but you could do one border and be done with it.  Using a level, mark the 4 corners apply painter’s tape twice, creating a channel to paint a border.  For the white I used leftover white ceiling paint.  Remove tape while paint is still wet, otherwise the tape can peel off the dried paint unevenly when removed.  *I allowed each layer to cure for 24 hours before taping over it to add the next color.*

Step 3 – re-tape for the next color.  I didn’t measure the width of each stripe but I did use a level to make sure it was straight.

Steps 4 & 5 – paint accent colors.  I had to make two visits to Michael’s before I found the right pink – the first one was NEON that was nothing less than obnoxious.  A person has their limits, people!

Step 6 – Add a shelf to the bottom of your chalkboard for a ledge to hold chalk, an eraser, and the deluge of chalk dust that will descend as soon as your chitlins get that chalk in their hands.  I love how this shelf gives the chalkboard some definition and makes it look finished. 

Step 7 – enjoy your finished product and let the kiddos go to town!  I gave Hannah colored chalk because I wasn’t sure there was enough color in the room yet :)

#3 – Bi-fold Closet Door Knobs.
Remember when I was obsessing about hardware from Anthropologie for my foyer table?  Well, I finally paid Anthro a visit and walked out with a little bling for Hannah’s room.   I mean come on, look at the before and the after – replacing those icky plastic knobs with the lime green darlins was NOT a choice, don’t you agree?  Never mind that the plastic knobs kept pulling right off every time Hannah tried to open the doors……….

A tiny change, but it’s all in the details.

#4 – Tissue paper pom poms.

We love making these!  They are just FUN and I could sit at my kitchen table with Hannah and her little neighborhood possy and make these all day long!  I used regular old curling ribbon and thumbtacks to hang them from the ceiling in a group.  Check out this tutorial if they make you want to have a party (or just pin them all over your ceiling!)

#5 – Name collage.

Oh – the name collage – it’s all I seem to talk about these days!  I’m thrilled that so many readers saw this project and are trying it themselves.  To learn about this project read this post.  {I promise to write about troubleshooting collages in Picasa in the near future.}

Hannah helped me create this collage for her new room and loves that her entire name and birthdate are incorporated into it.  I love that it is a unique and inexpensive piece of art!  ($10 for 16×20 poster on sale at and a frame that we re-purposed.)

#6 – Bedskirt.
Hannah’s bed has a solid base on which the mattress sits without a boxspring.  It is attached to side rails, making it impossible to use a traditional bedskirt.  There is a trundle bed on an ugly metal frame that lives under the bed, and because everything in this room had to be a project, I bought a twin bedskirt and cut each side away from the center piece of fabric which normally lays between the boxspring and mattress.  I then lay on the floor under the bed and stapled the bedskirt to the side rails.

I share this unexciting part of the makeover just in case there is someone out there who has the same kind of bed frame and is perplexed on how to skirt it to hide a trundle, under-the-bed boxes, or dust bunnies.

#7 – Mattes For Framed Pictures.

Hannah & Uncle Jim being silly, a loooong time ago.
With Daddy when Hannah was a little girleen of 3 or so.
This is an easy way to update the colors in a room (and bring in the “sparkly” factor that Hannah so badly desired!):
just cut strips of scrapbook paper or cardstock and glue them directly to an existing paper mat, making sure to keep the bevel of the original mat revealed. 

Alright ladies {and the few gents that may be reading this}, that’s it for today but I’ll be back with the details on the big “H” over Hannah’s bed, the bulletin board, bedding and a couple other fun projects from this room tomorrow!

Thanks so much for tuning in – I hope you have a fun, colorful and sparkly kind of day!