Boy's Red and Navy Bedroom

I am so happy to report that most of the painting is done in our "new" house, and the vile, disgusting, pet stained carpets finally were replaced in all the bedrooms this week! 

*happy dance!*

We are finally at the stage of putting together the rooms of this house.  First up - my 8 year old son's room.  We picked names out of a hat to see who's room would be done first, and Sean won.

Each child got to pick the color scheme of their room, and Sean chose the New England Patriots/Boston Red Sox colors of red, blue and white.  A while back I shared this alarming red paint choice with you, and to be honest I wasn't sure I could live with it.  I found a $3 gallon of mis-tinted paint at the hardware store that was very close to the color we were shooting for, chosen from a Patriots pillow case in the room.  I was excited about my bargain paint until it went on the wall.  Even 4 coats later - it was still extraordinarily RED.  As in tomato red.  However, Sean loves the color, so I decided to tone down the brightness with a big dose of navy and white.

I bought these simple sailcloth panels at Target for all the kids' bedrooms (2 for $17.95).  I'm a big fan of simple panels that hang to the floor.  For Sean's curtains, I added this white grosgrain ribbon for a little detail.  They are not lined but they make the room very dark when closed.

While I am all for the kids' rooms being a sanctuary for them, and giving them some creative freedom with the decor, I am adamantly opposed to themes.  Why, you ask?  Because kids grow tired of themed rooms and I am not about to completely redecorate a child's room every year or two.  I won't make the investment in themed wallpaper, borders or expensive bedding, but try to bring in the child's interest in other ways that can be easily changed out down the road.  Sean wanted a sports theme, so we used this signed Lawrence Maroney shirt (that Mark won at an event) as the focal point of the room, along with some other cool signed items and his trophies and baseball hats. 

I hung the name poster I made above the bed.  See this post for a tutorial on this project.

I was going to hang a grouping of framed Red Sox & Patriots photos on the long wall the bed is against, but instead my little guy wanted this map of the U.S. that used to grace the kids' playroom, so that when his dad is traveling Sean can see exactly where he is.  I happily obliged with this cute request - sweet boy!
On the other side of the room is a huge bulletin board left behind by the previous owners, who used the bedrooms as offices (another one is in Hannah's room - what a score!).  I painted it navy and Sean can put up any artwork, good grades or sports pictures that his little heart desires.  A bulletin board in a kid's room is a great way to coral all the papers that come home from school!

The first thing Sean put on his bulletin board was his cross - all on his own - I love that boy!

This room is far from a decorator's dream - but it's Sean's dream and he loves it! 
I love it because it was not expensive to put together a space that my little boy adores.

As a mom I want to foster my children's creativity, and am happy to be able to give them a personal space that reflects who they are as individuals.  While I would love for every room in my house to be aesthetically pleasing to ME, it's more important that their rooms be a place that they feel comfy, happy, and in which they want to play, read and rest. 

Wait until you see Peter and Hannah's expressions of individuality! 

Have a wonderful day my friend - thank you for stopping by!

For more boy's bedroom inspirations, check out the blog of Jennifer Rizzo!


Privet and Holly said...

Wonderful job
on Sean's room....
wonderful mom
for making it HIS.
My son's room has
a different vibe
then the rest of
our house, but it's
HIS, and that is what
counts! Happy weekend
and Happy Halloween!
xx Suzanne

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

If you are going with a theme for a boys room, sports is the way to go. You did a wonderful job. I can see this room growing with him, it's sophisticated enough to take with through his teenage years.

Melissa at HOUSEography said...

Tough age for decorating but what a great room!! I'm sure it will last him through his teen years. Thanks for linking up to my room-by-room house tour party!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

this room is great, too- all boy!!! love the colors!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

What an awesome dude room...I love the color and I'm totally impressed with the curtains...tar-jay, huh? (c: And that poster you made is so neat...it really adds a cool and personal element to the room! Thanks for linking up to Roomspiration!