Entry Table

Moving to a smaller house has actually been really gratifying – in big ways like the mortgage reduction, and smaller, but celebrated ways like having a whole lot less house to keep clean – hallelujah!  Of course, we made some concessions, but overall we are loving the change.  Who knew that downsizing would be so freeing? 

However – here comes the “but” – – –

– – – trying to make our furniture fit into this house has been a bit of a challenge.  The table from our old entryway is too long for the wall in our current foyer, and the last thing I want is to buy MORE furniture when I have a basement filled with odds and ends that don’t fit in this house.

I was inspired to sell my old foyer table and find something new and fabulous on Craigslist, but after looking for months and months, nothing really tickled my fancy.

Then I spied this ghoulish photo at goodhousekeeping.com…

…and fell in love with the idea of a black table in my neutral environment.
When I came across this gem from House Beautiful, I knew I had to have a dresser for all that storage capability:
In my very own basement, I came across an unloved piece of furniture that would fit the bill, with a little makeover:
the old Pier One wicker bureau that used to grace my babies’ nursery.  It was the perfect size for the wall in our new foyer.  Do you have one just like it?
The middle drawer front had fallen off, so I banged a few nails right into the wicker to re-attach it to the frame.  Once painted up these nails are not even detectable.
Let me just say that at this point my husband was extremely skeptical.  Wicker in the foyer?  Hmmmm.
I used Krylon spray paint in black satin.  Spray paint is definitely the way to go when painting wicker because the  mist gets into all the nooks ‘n crannies so much better than a brush.  Also spray paint is oil-based which is a must when painting furniture, as it adheres better and is less likely to chip over time.
Here she is today with a lil bit of lovin’….
 Even the skeptic, Mark,  is convinced – yes, she’s wicker, and a little unexpected, but she’s a pretty little workhorse. 
The drawers are jam-packed with candles and large serving pieces. 
I had a piece of glass cut for the top.
The tabletop is perfect for a lamp and some candles.
I’d like a larger mirror but I do love how this reflects the outdoors.
This is the view from the front door. 
 {The pup is a fixture on the kitchen floor in the background, where he snoozes away every day.}
When we do the kitchen over (someday) we will replace this hideous foyer flooring with hardwood, but in the meantime I’m on the hunt for a runner to hide that sweet ’80s tile.
We’ve already painted all the trim in this entry white and will be ripping up the runner on the stairs and painting the risers and rails white as well.
Now, since I saved on purchasing a new piece of furniture, and only spent money on spray paint and the glass top, I’m going to treat myself to some pretty knobs for my little dresser. 
Look at these beauties from Anthropologie – they have the most gorgeous hardware!
I’m thinking this mother-of-pearl number above would look pretty with the painted wallpaper design.  {To learn about the wall behind the dresser check out this post.}  What knob do you like?
 Once again I marvel at the power of paint! 
I am so happy to have shopped the house instead of buying something new.
I am particularly happy to put to use a piece of furniture that was part of my children’s babyhood – it has sentimental value as well as being functional.
I just love how these changes add up to a home that feels like our own.
Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are inspired to shop your own house, or transform something with a little paint!