Walk & Lunch in Providence

Yesterday my friend B and I went for a walk on Blackstone Boulevard in East Providence, Rhode Island as a farewell to summer.  When we had more free time, B and I used to plan a weekly excursion for a good workout somewhere in the Boston or Providence area, exploring a different spot each week.  B is a teacher and when she returns to work full time next week, such outings without children in tow will be few and far between.

The area that we visited is not far from Brown University and there is a lovely winding path for walkers, runners and cyclists that is shady and scenic.  Pretty old homes with beautiful gardens line the boulevard and the path itself is wide and quiet.  This area of Providence is really pretty, with lots of old brick buildings, steep hills, and greenery, as well as the Providence River that runs through the city. 

Thayer Street, right in the middle of the Brown campus, is a pretty street filled with little shops and cafes.  After working out, we took turns changing in the back of my car, which was cause for great amusement to the two of us as college students walked by and we asssured each other no one could see in through the darkened windows.  We freshened up in a restaurant bathroom and had a bite to eat and a toast to a summer well spent with our kiddos.

I thought this number would be perfect on B…….

……but instead of trying on clothes we satisfied our sweet tooth (teeth?) at this adorable bakery:

Oh the chocolate frosted brownies were to die for!
I should have bought one of these for the road.  I mean we did workout, right? 
One of these days I’ll get my act together and provide you with a list of great walking spots in the Boston and Providence areas.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy something, or someone, wonderfully sweet this weekend!