Painted Wallpaper

Hello my friends!

The winds of change seem to blow freely through this house and before I have finished one project I am pulled in the direction of something new.  So, while my wee babes wait for their mama to finish their rooms, two of which are half-done, I could not resist this fun project for my pathetic foyer. 

I have been brewing the idea of doing some kind of hip stenciling (as opposed to the 1980s flower borders - remember those?) and love the tone-on-tone look of opaque pearl paint.  Not too busy, but adding a little interesting detail to an otherwise neutral palette.  This was on my mental list of 2011 to-dos, seeing as I have an abundance of home projects to attend to in the meantime.  But then I spied this beauty:

One of my favorite things about blogging is introducing you to fabulous blogs out there that you may not have stumbled upon yet.  Pencil off some time on your calendar for this one, because you will surely get lost at Jones Design Company, written by the creative and stylish Emily.  Not only is Emily the mama of four little ones, she also manages to run a stationery business, create a fabulous home for her family and write a wonderful blog filled with design inspirations and joy for living. 

I love Emily's home office space {above} that she stenciled and handpainted (again:  with three little boys and a baby girl underfoot!) and knew I had to try this technique on an accent wall in my foyer. 
Never mind the cans of paint sitting neglected on the floor of my 12 year old's room.  Or the trim that is primed but not yet painted in three rooms on the first floor.  These things can wait while I do this one fun project just for me!

The supplies:  a template downloaded from Jones Design Company and traced onto cardboard, pearly paint from Michael's,  and a brush that is the size I want the lines to be in the design.  A Hello Kitty pencil and my kid's pink erasers came in handy too.

The pattern is traced onto the walls. 

Because I'm not a good direction-follower, I painted between the lines instead of on the outer edges of these lines, resulting in a slightly different finished product than Emily's office. 

Painting, painting, and more painting.

This is what I started with:

...and today, still a work in progress, but a few steps closer to fabulous thanks to Emily's inspiration:

I love my wall!  When the lamp is on or the sunlight streams in from the front door, the pearl paint shimmers, but from other angles the design is tone-on-tone, and is actually very subtle. 

The dresser is a topic for another day - along with everything else in this house it is under construction, along with the trim, the banister, the flooring....but at least I have one wall in this house finished!

Thank you so much to Emily at Jones Design Company for the tutorial, template and inspiration for this fun project - I feel one step closer to making this house our home!

Enjoy your day and thanks for visiting!


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

WOW! Amazing, you have to have a ton of patience for that, I'm so impressed! Have a wonderful weekend!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

You are incredible!! I am so inspired by your amazingness :) xo

Rene said...
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Rene said...

Wow! You did an amazing job! What better way to welcome guests than with a dramatic entry.

Privet and Holly said...

I'm SO proud
of what you've
done, here! I
will most definitely
check out your
blog inspiration
for this lovely
xx Suzanne

Holly said...


Carmie, the Single Nester said...

Yowza! Great job. Very elegant.

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Wow! That's a dramatic before and after! Thanks for pointing me towards this, Lisa. I hadn't seen your entry before. It's beautiful and I love the black chest you've added. I almost did the same thing you did painting between the lines, but I checked Emily's photo quickly before I started and realized the lines were doubled. I think it looks great both ways! That's the beauty of that pattern. Love the glimmer of the pearly paint. Such an unexpected surprise!

Kerry@homecrushblog.com said...

Love the pearl, love it!!