Chalkboard Wall Obsession

Hi there!
No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth; I have been bouncing from room to room, not finishing one project before I start another.  This is what happens when you move into a house with colors you can't stand.  I have managed to paint all the walls of the first floor of our house but have yet to finish the trim, the bathroom vanity, or Sean's half-done room.  And now I'm moving onto another room yet again! 

Tomorrow is my firstborn's 12th birthday - where have the years gone?? - and I would really love to surprise him with a new room when he comes home from school.  What are the chances I'll pull that off? 

I let the kids choose whatever color scheme they wanted for their rooms and have been trying to work their colors into something I can live with everyday.  Peter's choice are the colors of his football team:  red, black and white.  He is open to anything I want to do in his room as long as it's "cool".  How about a whole chalkboard wall?  Would that be cool? 

Do you think this trend has run it's course?  My kids never tire of it.  Do you cringe at the thought of black walls in your house?  Check out how color or white offsets the black walls in these images:

Photo:  bhg.com

Photo:  atticmag.com

Photo:  Flickr

Photo:  New York Times

Photo:  Laura Moss/myhomeideas.com

Photo:  Anthropologie

Photo:  Houzz.com

If you can't commit to a whole wall, how about a large chalkboard in your mudroom or playroom? 
Photo:  Richard Leo Johnson/Coastal Living

And last but not least....
for the non-chalk-dust lover,
black walls accented with lots of white trim and colorful accessories.
Photo:  Source Unknown

I love the idea of our home being a creative, fun place,
and what could be more fun than being able to write on the walls?

Be well and enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

If you go chalkboard I would consider layering magnetic paint underneath. This would allow you to use magnets to stick posters or other light-weight items to the wall (it's not the strongest magnet - just paint afterall).

Tee said...

Oh please, please don't let it be over yet. I need a living room wall painted first. We've done the large board thing twice in our last house, but I want the big kahuna. Probably not even going to write on it after the conditioning phase, but still...

Holly said...

Loving the chalkboard paint here too! I just bought some dry erase paint...but it is not as charming as chalkboard paint. Loving these photos...I have so many place to paint!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog info. I’d like to subscribe to your RSS. :)