TV Armoire to Office Space

Ahhh, the gi-normous TV armoire from days of yore.

Since switching to a flatscreen TV on a low, unobstrusive cabinet, the big ol' Bessy that used to house our old TV has had an identity crisis.  First we stored our liquor in it, and had visions of putting up a mirror in the back and adding shelves to hold glassware.  The panel in the back had been cut out to allow for the big behind of the old TV.  {This is the day we moved when I was cleaning it out so pardon the dust.  Okay....I'm really just a horrible housekeeper!}

Using a TV armoire as a bar is a great use of the space.  Check out these repurposed cabinets:
Photo:  Lookiloos

Photo:  MommaCass/GardenWeb

However, since we moved to our new house I realized this armoire would make a lovely home office for moi.  And although it is far from complete, since the wonderful and Centsational Girl, Kate, is posing the question "Where do you blog?" I thought I'd join the party and share with you my visions for this space.

Here she is today:  the hub of my house, where I blog, check emails, look at the family calendar, and study.

All the electronics fit inside, including the printer, the harddrive, and all those ugly wires. 

I decided to hang my old photos before I painted this room, so that I could try out different displays and patch unused nail holes.  This wall is a work in progress, but it is next to my computer and I love seeing these special photos every day. 

My grandparents in Mayo, Ireland in the 1930s.

Look how cute my father-in-law was as a babe!  Love, love, love this photo.

Here's my mom when she was about 23 with her nieces,  rocking the 1960's Jackie O look!  If I may say so myself, she's as gorgeous now as she was then.

Okay - sorry -  I got a little sidetracked there!  Getting back to my bloggin' spot...
I have some grandiose ideas of what I can do with this little box o'mine.  Just look at these divine spaces!
Photo:  Happy Wives Club (?)

Photo:  Country Living
Photo:  Thomas J. Story/myhomeideas.com

Photo:  Seymour Cabinet - Pottery Barn/2007

For the back of the armoire, I'm thinking of covering a board with some fabulous geometric wallpaper or fabric like this on from Kravet.
I'll utilize the doors as cork or message boards, get some cute accessories and a lamp to jazz up the space, and a rolling keyboard tray to improve functionality.  I'm so excited for this project! 

Thanks for joining me to check out my home office!  The bloggers who have linked up to Kate's party have some truly lovely spaces to share - check it out here.  And be sure to see Kate's office - it's gorgeous!

Thanks for hosting, Kate!  Have a wonderful day everyone!


KateB said...

how nice and clean...coming over the from blog party @ kate's...you gave me a fantastic idea for brightening up the back of my desk, its so dark and there's no way I'm moving the armoire...Paint and paper!!!thank you!

Holly said...

That geometric wallpaper is fabulous! I have my eye on our TV armoire...but that old TV won;t break...so alas no flat screen yet...but one day it will be mine and I want to make it fabulous too.

Privet and Holly said...

Thanks for the inspiration!
I'm in a closet 2/3 the size
of the Thomas Story one you've
featured. I am in the process
of making a message board for
above the desk, aka, shelf!
I'm dreamin' right there with
you, Lisa!
xx Suzanne

Anonymous said...

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