Those Sweet Days of Summer

This summer has been a whirlwind for my family.  I am so glad that we spent a week on Cape Cod and weekends away with friends and family before we moved, because since we moved we haven’t done much that is noteworthy.  This is the nature of the moving beast – my days are spent trying to find the scotch tape, the checkbook or bug spray in boxes stored in the basement while the kids happily run amuck with the neighborhood children.  No one is complaining, but with one week to go until the kids start a new school year I have felt inclined to put down the paint brush and enjoy these fleeting moments of freedom with them.

 This week we took the train into the city {Boston} with our friends to spend a leisurely day.  I have oft wondered why, oh why, when my family emmigrated from Ireland, did they choose a part of the United States that has long, cold winters, but New England summers make living in this part of the country so worthwhile.   The weather was brilliant – low 80s, breezy, with wispy clouds dancing across a hazy blue sky.  Our fair city is filled with the sites and sounds of the modern world amidst churches that are in their third century. 
The crown of Trinity Church in Copley Plaza
 The Boston Public Garden was filled with musicians, tourists, lovebirds and children. 
Taking a ride on the Swan Boats in the Boston Public Garden is an annual tradition for us.
Good thing my eldest darling was in camp as he would have perished at the thought of doing this with his family in broad daylight!
The Public Garden always has the most amazing flowers in bloom!
And then there are trees to climb….
….and handstands to be exhibited while picnicking on the Common.
The rooms can wait to be painted, but these summer days and childhoods are passing in the blink of an eye.  Oh the sweet days of summer with my cherubs!