Our “Treehouse”

Hi all, I’m sure I have zero readers left after writing about how much I love, love, love Downy Wrinkle Releaser the other day!  But if you’re still out there, thank you for visiting me during this crazy time as I pack up and purge as we prepare to move into a house that is 1,400 square feet smaller than the one we’re in! 

While we are downsizing considerably, one thing we are gaining in our new house is what I’m grandly referring to as the MUDROOM…

while my husband is raining on my parade by calling it the TREEHOUSE.
I’ve already heard him whispering to my brother about how the TREEHOUSE will be removed once we take ownership.
Ladies, I’m sure you’ll understand when I tell you that this MUDROOM was one of the biggest selling features for this mom. 
Just look at the storage for the kids’ jackets, backpacks, shoes, boots, snowpants, hats, mittens….oh my!
While I admit it’s not very pretty {yet}
and takes up a bit of space in our garage, we can still fit both cars in the garage (huge for New England winters) and I am daydreaming about all the family gear packed neatly into this room. 
Plus, it has a utility sink (for filling water guns of course) and heat (for drying wet gloves and boots!)
Oddly, it doesn’t have a light but I’m sure I can convince the Captain of the Treehouse to put one in for me.
So what do you think – should the MUDROOM stay?
Hope you’re off to enjoy this summer day.
Thanks for stopping by!

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