Chocolate-Dipped Ice Cream Cones

If your house looks like this

and your kids are doing a lot of this
then it’s time to make something messy and yummy!
Introducing once again……… my lovely blog and photography assistant, Hannah Bear!
 This fine young lass made chocolate dipped ice cream cones for the family after a b.o.r.i.n.g. day of packing up the house.  My kids ask for these kinds of cones when we go out for ice cream and the answer is always no (I’m such a mean mom!) – so they were very excited for the homemade version!
This is so easy, your kids can do it and the only assistance they may need is to guide the wet cones into a standing position.
Melt 12 oz. of semi-sweet chocolate chips on 30-second intervals in the microwave until smooth.
Using the back of a spoon, dip 6 sugar cones in the chocolate, and spread into a thin layer.  Remember to leave a couple inches of exposed cone for holding!
Spread the chocolate inside the cone too!
When freshly coated, dip the edge of each cone in sprinkles for extra-crazy fun.
Place the dipped cones in a bowl filled with rice or beans that will hold them in place while they dry.
See that cone in the middle?  It broke, so we saved it and at a later date we’ll break it into pieces and use as a garnish on dishes of ice cream.  We’re fancy like that.
Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or freezer for 5 minutes, until the chocolate is set.
Then fill with your favorite ice cream and serve to your favorite peeps!
This is one of my favorite peeps in his summer baseball uniform.  He is enjoying his chocolate-dipped cone immensely.  It’s going to disappear in 1.3 minutes.
Thanks Hannah!  Nice job!
We’ll have remember to make these for a special occasion. 
Like getting all the laundry folded.  Or cleaning out the garage. 
Those occasions merit chocolate-dipped ice cream cones, don’t you think?
Enjoy this fine day and thanks for stopping by!