Summer Reading: Mom and Kids

Since I have longer have time to be in an actual book club, I started keeping a little book  journal for myself.  I have really enjoyed writing a brief review of books after I read them so that down the road I can recall authors I enjoyed, or recommend a book to a friend.
If you're anything like me you find the opportunity to read a lot more in the summer.  My kids are required (by me) to read at least 30 minutes each day, but I also challenged them to read at least 10 chapter books each to earn a big family outing at the end of the summer.
Did you know that studies show that kids who see their parents reading for pleasure read more themselves and are more likely to be lifelong readers?  (I have nothing to back this up but I know I read that somewhere!)
Ahhhh....poolside reading in the summer sunshine!

While I LOVE to read, time and energy elude me {particularly as we start packing up our house}, so I have also challenged myself to read at least 10 books for a much needed break and some enjoyment.   If you're looking for some inspiration, I'm posting a list of my recommended reads - look for it in the sidebar over there on the top right under my profile picture.  

In addition to my recommended books, I'll post a list of books that have been recommended to me that I hope to read soon.  Please tell me if you have a book to add to this list!

Happy reading all!


damby said...

More incentives to read for kids: Barnes & Noble as well as Borders offers kids I think up to age 12 a free book for every 8 books read (you can get the form from their websites). Also, Showcase cinema offers a free movie pass to a Wed. morning movie if a child brings in a short, written book review. Again, the form is on their website. OK, I am a teacher and I love the incentives that are offered - anything to get those kids reading over the summer months! Finally, if you live in the Boston area, both the Red Sox and the Bruins offer kids a chance to win tix to an upcoming game for pledging to read! So go get to the library and grab some new books for yourself and your kids!

Holly said...

My son reads constantly...I love to read but never have time...my hubby reads constantly and I have heard that statistic before...but do not remember where either.

A book a love is Time and Again by Jack Finney...I thought it was not up my alley (it was a book club pick) and was so happy I read it.

I alss enjoyed The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (?)