I Need Some Color Therapy!

I got to spend a little time in our soon-to-be home yesterday, and took a gazillion photos that I've dubbed "The Befores".  I'd like to think in a few months time this house will look and feel like our home.  While it has been very nicely updated and is in great shape, we will make lots of cosmetic changes and down the road, some major renovations.  For now I'm trying to decide how to incorporate our belongings, and our taste, into the things that we can't change yet.  For example.....

...this mint green carpeting, which is in perfect condition, graces all the bedrooms. 
It's not in our budget to rip them out right now.
While I actually like this color
(we have a great sofa in a similar hue for our living room),
I'm not a big fan of being tied to any specific color for all the bedrooms. 
What's a girl to do?  Ignore the color on the floor? 
Hannah certainly can't do lime green next to mint green.
I've got my thinking cap on and would love your suggestions on color schemes,
or whether to pretend the carpet isn't there when decorating.

Bloggy decorating divas, please advise!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Lisa, we have a similar situation. The carpeted roooms in our new home is sort of a teal green. We are planning on taking it up because it is 11 years old and worn. But I hear ya! Have you thought about area rugs?? My sil told me that Home Goods has large area rugs at really good prices. I plan to check them out after we paint. We are dealing with a lot of tile in this house, and I want the area rugs to warm up the rooms.


btw, I found a BM store today but they did not have all the colors you told me about. I took the two samples they had. We have to make a decision on paint SOON!!

Holly said...

Hmmm...mint green...could be worse. We had salmony/orangey color in the master bedroom. My friend came to visit and told me it was fine...I said it is because you don;t have it in your house.

It might bug me at first, but I would probably not decorate around the carpet if I knew I was going to change it within a few year and get some are rugs.

Erin said...

Hmmm. Had a similar challenge with my mom's guest room. Same color carpet as yours. We really couldn't pretend it wasn't there - the floor is a huge part of the room! So we did decorate around it - we started with finding bedding that didn't clash. We used a tropical floral comforter that had a background color of pale aqua. Other colors in it were multiple shades of green, chamois yellow and a little bit of muted orange-y red. We painted the walls the chamois yellow & accented with darker woods. I love how it turned out and the carpet looks like we wanted it that color. I think that is the key to the challenge - embrace the things in your house that are not going to change right away and find a way to make it seem like you want them. As for your daughter's lime green stuff - greens are colors that I wholeheartedly believe you can mix. But I'd include a few other greens as well, just to mix it up. That's my 2 cents!

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