Happy Day After Father’s Day!

I was catching up on my favorite blogs over the weekend and came across a fun idea for cupcakes from Kendra at My Insanity.  Have you ever visited her blog?  It is jammed-packed with great party ideas.  Trust me – you’ll need to bookmark this one!  Kendra is so fun, creative and somehow manages to come up with fabulous ideas even though she just added a new bambino to her brood! 

I’m passing on this idea to you a day late, but maybe, just maybe, you can make these for the birthday of a golfer in your family.   Considering our family members love to play golf (myself excluded – way too slow!) this was perfect for Father’s Day…..18 holes of golf represented on cupcakes. 

{The 19th hole as seen above was supposed to have a cute little picture of a beer bottle on it but of course I forgot to retrieve this from the printer.  Oops.}

So incredibly easy and kid-friendly!

Make the little flags by sitting your kids down at the kitchen table with toothpicks, gluesticks and some paper scraps.  These are also very handy for identifying food that you make to bring to a party or barbecue so make a bunch of them and keep them with your baking supplies!
Number the flags 1-18 and add a few extra messages for the person(s) of honor.
Make cupcakes (see below for my new fave cupcake site!)
Tint white frosting green, frost each cupcake and then dip into green decorating sugar or sprinkles.
Yes those are Christmas cupcake liners – thanks for noticing!
Use a chocolate chip for the “hole” and place your flags on the cupcakes……and you’re done.
How easy is that?
I received this cute cupcake stand as a gift last year, and I have to admit that at first I was thinking it wouldn’t get much use, but let me tell you, cupcakes are so easy and fun to make and decorate…and eat!…for kids or adults.  It’s no wonder that cupcakes have become all the rage at weddings and fancy parties!  We have been inspired to make them more often now that we have a cute way to present them.
You can find this stand at Crate and Barrel for $29.95; the parts screw together and I keep it stored in the box so it takes up minimal space. (The gift-giver, my lovely cousin Maria, also gave us a party-pack of sprinkles – what a usable and fun gift!)
I was recently introduced to a website dedicated just to cupcakes, cookies and savouries:  Ming Makes Cupcakes.  I’m obsessed with this site!
I MUST make the Chocolate with Mint Marshmallow Frosting soon, or the Chocolate with Ganache and Cream Filling – look at this! – are you drooling?
The kids already decided their “Bama” (grandmother)
will love the Lemon with Jam Filling for her birthday in August. 
So sorry to tempt you my dear friends…
this blog is definitely not low-fat!
I hope you enjoy some of these ideas. 
Thanks to Kendra at My Insanity for inspiring me!