Musings For A Girl’s Room

I am so excited to report that we have found a house to buy, and will be moving at the end of July!
Phew – it’s a relief to have an end in sight to the 18 month process of selling a house/buying a house. 

We are excited about our new house, but of course I will need to paint every inch of it because that’s my obsession – changing spaces with a can of paint!

My kid’s rooms will be first on the agenda, because I want the move to be exciting and fun for them, and that includes a new room.  My 10 year old, Hannah, has been looking at PB Teen catalogs since the minute we told the kids we were moving…she has been dreaming of a more funky space for a long time. 

I understand her desire for a space that isn’t so “little girl”…these are her rooms in our last two houses:

If I had my druthers, this is the room I would choose for her.  Soft and sweet whites…it even has an “H” on the mirror!  It’s like a breath of fresh air…
French Larkspur eclectic kids

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However, Hannah has her heart set on a turquoise blue/lime green palette.  We saw a vacation house for rent that had this bedroom that we both loved.  We can agree on the soft blue on the walls, and lots of white accented with the turquoise, lime and a bit of hot pink.

Photo:  source unknown
My Hannah is a crafty girl, so maybe we’ll make a space over her desk for supplies
like this gorgeous space:

Kids Art Studio eclectic kids

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She’d love this entire room from PB Teen:

but we’re working with a small (read:  teeny tiny) budget,
so I told Hannah she can pick out one inspiration piece for the room
and I’ll base the wall color around it. 
I don’t want to make the room too themey because we all know
she’ll want to change it up in a few years!
One of these pillows would be a great starting point wouldn’t they?
I’ll infuse the room with a lot of white to balance the color,
and hope the space will reflect Hannah’s creative, fun, spunky personality
 as well as be a restful retreat for her.

Now I can’t wait to get started and share it with you!