A Shack With A Nice Kitchen

While most normal people, when moving, hope to find a nice home to live in…
I, on the other hand,
am hoping for a shack on a nice lot.

My biggest fear in looking for our next home is that the houses will be too
I want to rehab!  Why does my family think I’m crazy?

There’s just something about before and after that floats my boat.
Plus this time ’round we want to do it our way.  For instance – the kitchen. 

I really, really want to tear out an outdated kitchen and replace it with this:

Photo:  Coastal Living
Or this would be fine:
Photo:  Cottage Living
I suppose I could make do with this:
Photo:  mls
Or one of these:
Photo:  mls
Photo:  mls
Photo:  Architectural Digest
Photo:  Christopher/not fully identified
 Not so crazy after all, am I?
Keep your fingers crossed for us.
There’s a shack out there with our name all over it!
Hope you enjoyed these lovely kitchens.
Enjoy this fine day and thanks for stopping by!