A Few Words On Paint

Thank you for all the nice feedback on my cozy chocolate brown bedroom
that had a makeover...
and became sandy white.

If you are painting over a dark color, make sure you prime your walls.  I still cannot believe it only took TWO coats of paint to cover the chocolate brown with such a light color!

This was the secret of my success:  priming.
Before I started painting, I went through my paints in our garage and looked for leftovers that were light in color.  I figured instead of throwing these half-empty cans of paint into a landfill, I could use them as a primer and cut down on how much paint I would need to buy to paint over the brown.
Well lo and behold I discovered this baby that has obviously been there for many years....
Ben Moore Super Hide.
Don't judge a book by it's cover...it's my new BFF.
I shook it and mixed it and it was perfection.
One coat of the Super Hide over the chocolate brown and one coat of this paint from Lowes...
Yes I am really showing you cans of paint!
But I want you to know how much less expensive
this paint is compared to Ben Moore, and it went on smoothly in one coat.

Benjamin Moore paint is what I have always used.  Other paint brands have never matched the coverage, smoothness and durability of those paints.  However, a gallon of BM is currently $35 and a gallon of Valspar is $23.  I had read about Lowes' Valspar paints as used by my blog friends and thought I'd give it a try.  This one gallon did almost my entire bedroom.

I needed another quart to finish, so I ran back to Lowes and ordered the quart, went off to do some shopping, realized I had 10 minutes to get home before my kids got off the bus, and didn't pay attention when I picked up the quart.  Well dontcha know - when I got home I realized it was NOT Valspar.
It was, however, the right color, so I used it anyway, but let me tell you -
 it stunk
and I want you to know so you don't waste your money!
This did NOT go on in one coat (doesn't claim to either for the record), was not smooth even after mixing, and the finish is not as nice as the Valspar.

Other tricks for the painter:
An angled brush is a must for cutting around the trim and against the ceiling!
Also if you don't have one of these - I highly recommend.  It is lightweight and the handle rests on your hand.
For cutting in before you roll the walls, a small cup and brush will do instead of dragging around the whole can of paint! 
Just don't absentmindedly take a sip out of it when surveying your beautifully painted room.
I don't know anyone who would do something silly like that.  (cough, cough)
There you go friends - the most boring post ever! 
But sometimes a girl's gotta be boring to be informational!

Have a happy day!

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Holly said...

Good choice of cups! I love Lowe's paints. I just got suckered into BM Aura for the inside of my kitchen cabinets...$65.00 a gallon! I was not paying attention...who would think paint (OK, it is green paint) would be $65.00 a gallon!