Skeletons in the….Cabinet

Do you tape things inside your cabinets? 
I love a nice clean kitchen, devoid of small appliances
(except the beloved coffee maker, let’s not get crazy and put that away). 
But inside my cabinets are all sorts of goodies. 

This post was going to be just about these Cook’s Helpers that I found at (where else?).  I taped them inside the cabinet closest to my cooktop….I’m always doubling or halving a recipe and seeking out measuring equivalents I just can’t commit to memory.  While I was at it I figured I’d tape up the these other tips as well (you never know when I might take up candy-making – in all my free time!)

I realized that I have a thing for taping tidbits inside my kitchen cabinets. 

Healthy serving sizes for kids and adults inside the pantry. 
A reminder for the whole family that started with my 9 year old bringing home a list of healthy choices from her exercise class.

Bulletins from local churches with mass schedules, right above the coffee maker
as a gentle reminder on Sunday morning.
Also, love notes from the kids,
including that heart from my then-3 or 4 year old girl who used to write notes to her Mama
and address them all “Lisa”.  Fresh girl.  Oh how I love you!
My favorite poem given to me at a Mother’s Day tea
by each of my kids when they were in kindergarten:
I am wonderful
I am grand!
But…sometimes I might get a little out of hand.
If you get upset with me
and have a nice cup of tea
(a tea bag was tied to the ribbon around the poem – so cute!)

Doctor’s appointments, referrals, first aid…

Neighbors’ numbers for emergency purposes
(what – you love that kitty paper??? 
zip it – it was a pad of paper that belonged to my kids!)
A chandelier photo from PB about 5 years ago.  (Why didn’t I buy it? I still love it.)
Random quotes that I’ve fallen in love with –
I should wallpaper my next house with this one:
Wealth consists not in having
great possessions
but in having few wants.
Esther de Waal, Seeking God:  The Way of St. Benedict
These little scraps of paper inside my cabinets, they make this house our home. 
The rest of the house has been de-personalized to appeal to buyers,
blah, blah, blah,
but it’s still our home (for the time being). 
For all my need and desire to have an organized and pretty home,
I will always do this crazy taping of our life into the cabinets. 
It’s what makes this building a home to us, no matter where we are.
I imagine my kids will grow up,
have space-age modern minimalist George Jetson homes,
 and yet there will be all sorts of scraps torn out of magazines
and taped inside their cabinets. 
Wait – you think I need a bulletin board to corral all my notices, papers and whatnot??

I think when we move, I’ll take my little scraps, tape them up in our new house,
and then I’ll feel right at home.

So – do you do this too or do I need a clutter intervention???

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