Pretty Mudrooms

I mentioned the other day that my darling friend Sue has an entryway to decorate.  One half of the little room functions as a mudroom for a family of 4 - Sue, her husband and their two little boys. 

This side already has a bench and closet built into the wall.  Check out this little pumpkin who agreed to model for me.  He's edible!  *smooches to T & M*  The best part of working on this project - I get to see Sue's boys!

The other side has space to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or glass of vino. 
Isn't this space so cute?

Now we just need to make it more functional and inviting as a place to relax.
The mudroom side of the room needs to be attractive given that it will be exposed to the seating area, and is the first thing a guest sees when entereing this lovely home. 

Look at these gorgeous mudrooms!
Photo:  liluinteriors
Photo:  Renovation Design Group
Photo:  Debbie Travis
Photo:  woodworkers.org

Enjoy this beautiful day and I'll see you soon with ideas for this space!


Jessica Hills said...

I love these mudrooms. I am so glad you commented on my blog so i could find yours! It is so pretty!

Ann said...

Love seeing little T.D. in the pic! And I'm so psyched you posted this stuff on mudrooms. We want to make one in our new house. We have a finished basement, but want to make a little mudroom in it so we can have a dumping ground for the kiddos stuff (and ours!) when you come in from the garage. Thanks for the inspirational ideas! VERY helpful!