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Hello blogging world! I'm so excited to join this community. I absolutely love creating comfortable, welcoming spaces that work for my family of five and large furry creature. I have always had a design file of inspiration for the next project. The house we currently live in has been on the market for over a year while we dream of finding a house that needs a little TLC and making it ours. When the time comes, I can't wait to refresh our next home and blog about the journey.

Embracing Your Space
I find that so many of us do not love the space we're in for one reason or another, and are waiting for "someday" to make it what we want. Perhaps you live in a rental and there's only so much change you can make to the space. Perhaps you have small kids and feel like there's no point in having nice things because they're just going to get destroyed anyway (speaking from experience here!) Maybe you just don't have the money to spend on what you'd like to do to make your house your HOME (we all have experience with this one!). Maybe you just don't have the time, energy, know-how or inspiration to tackle this daunting task. Or maybe, like my family, you are in a holding pattern between your current home and your future home.

The problem with waiting for "someday" to arrive is that in the meantime, your life is being lived in the here and now. You and your family need to eat. You need to play. You need to live in your space and make the most of the time there.

Embrace where you are in your life and find little ways to love the space you occupy right now. It's a wonderful thing to have dreams of what you want to do with your home in the future, but in the meantime, make whatever space you're in right now work for you in practical and beautiful ways.

Bear with me as I "get my blog on" and fill up THIS space with home design inspiration, simple ways to refresh your home, and yummy things to fortify you along the way!

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MH said...


This is all too close to home for me. What a beautiful way to say be happy with what you have. Always dream, but live in the now. I love the idea of your blog. If anyone I know can do this right it's you. Best of Irish Luck :)
Your friend~Michelle