Part II: Photo Arrangements

When planning how to layout your photo arrangement on a wall, take these ideas into consideration.

Figure out what wall you would like to use and what style appeals to you. Using one cohesive element to unify your arrangement can pull together the look you’re going for.

• A basic rule of thumb is to use all black & white or all color photos for your arrangement.

• Would you like your arrangement to be eclectic? If so, select different colored frames that complement each other,

                                                                                                      Source:  Exposures
or use the same frame moulding for all your photos, but vary the sizes of the pictures.  
• For a symmetric arrangement, use the same frame moulding and mat color, and all the same size pictures.
Photo:  Pottery Barn
• Use mouldings that have a similar profile (shape) but different colors, or vice versa – the same color but varying profiles.  Hang the frames in a loosely circular grouping to create an eclectic, yet pulled-together arrangement as in this picture I posted yesterday:
Source:  Exposures
The great thing about grouping your photos is that you can have fun with it.  These ideas I’ve provided are guidelines, but enjoy creating your arrangement.  Experiment with different styles of frames.  If you are purchasing new frames, lay them on the floor of the store and see how they look together.  You can mix kid’s artwork into your casual arrangements also.  Break the rules!  One of my favorite framing customers hung black & whites with colored photos and guess what? The wall looks pretty darn amazing AND the earth is still turning on its axis. Imagine.

  Thanks for checking in today!